Happy New Year

As we are looking forward to a new year with new beginnings, we wish you a happy and successful new year.

We were unfortunate enough to start our new year with a run of the flu for the whole family. These are the things you have to deal with after meeting lots of friends and relatives in the various yule and new year parties. Getting exposed. Naturally, we also had a chance to expose others to our clothes, and we always get a lot of positive comments. This is why we decided to start this business, offering these clothes to others, because we are so often asked “how can I get my own shirt like that”.

We are slowly getting back to normal after this period of staying in bed, and we have a shipment of clothes coming in from Thailand that will be added to the web shop as soon as we can get them photographed. So stay tuned, in the web shop the rules are first come first served.