Business Cards have arrived!

There are a lot of exciting things happening right now. Well, exciting for us because we are having fun with creating our brand.

Our logo has a bit of a story of its own. We used the A of Attaluck to create a mountain with a snowy peak. Angsana’s name means “top of the top” or “best of the best”, which kind of relates to a mountain top in Himalaya, so there is a connection to her here. Then we put seven circles of equal diameter, which is a basic geometrical pattern and also part of the sacred geometry beliefs. This shape of seven circles is sometimes described as “the seven days of creation” or “egg of life”. Our mountain triangle had its corners attached to the centers of three circles. Incidentally, the mountain for A and the seven circles can represent all the letters of our name: A-ttaluck. So we found our logo by combining Angsana’s name with the word Attaluck and inserting a bit of sacred geometry. We also intend to “unroll” the circles to have a place under each of the letters, to emphasize this connection. In our mind, we consider this to be truly unique, but at the same time part of a common ground that everyone shares. If you think about it, you use the seven days of creation every day of your life. Extend the symbol with another round of circles and you get the twelve hours on the face of a clock; the reason why time is divided into twelve hours in the first place. It is a part of our everyday life, but it is also a sacred secret that not everyone has heard about. This is what we intend for Attaluck too; we want Attaluck products to be part of your everyday life, but in your own way and without getting in your way.

Now, the business cards. We decided to keep them with a general design, to serve as a multi-purpose reminder of where to find us. Attaluck is available on and and and also our domains in and and and, etc. The best way to contact us is really to reach any of these channels, but if we list them all it can be confusing. So we will stick with facebook as a main channel, and from there you can reach all the other channels too if you wish.

Marketing online really is an adventure in itself. We have no idea what channels will be the best ones to reach you guys. We do have something that we think you will enjoy, and we do have a way of providing you with those things, but we are not sure how to make you aware of what we can offer. Trying out one thing at a time is a bit of a suspense and we are going to watch carefully how things develop.

We would be happy to hear from you about these things too. What were your experiences with us? How did you come into contact with us? What did you think of our products the first time you saw them? And the second time? Please comment below, or send us a private message through the online shop. Thank you for joining our extended family.

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